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20000904 120857 D1 Kilarney Islands20001007 151738 D1 Fall Colours at the Cottage20001227 150615 D1 South Pacific Islands20010107 105847 D1 NZ Mountains & River20010107 192344 D1 Sunset over river valley in NZ20010824 193511 D1 Georgian Bay Sunset20010824 194208 D1 Orange Fire Sunset20010912 155406 D1 Afternoon Storm in Cuba20011013 135256 D1 Afternoon Sunlight in Autumn Forest20020131 191317 Breaking Waves20020203 150203 D1 Mangrove Corridor20030222 15231001 D1X Grand Canyon Adobe House20030223 13120000 D1X Temple of the Holy Cross

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