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Portfolio pictures of birds
2 barn swallows20000425 190652 D1 Red-Winged Blackbird20000521 115351 D1 Male Magnolia Warbler20010328 170642 D1 Denial & loathing gulls20010405 170607 D1 Hooded Merganser on Log20010405 170644 D1 Nothing to see but Gulls20010417 084101 D1 Preening Ruby Crowned Kinglet20010417 140211 D1 Mergansers and Gulls at Pt. Pelee20010426 174621 D1 Tree Swallow on Fence Post20010512 103059 D1 Cedar Waxwing Eating Wild Cranberries20010512 152547 D1 Tree Swallow Peering Out of Nesting Box20020206 112928 D1 Brown Pelican on Roof20020206 113428 D1 Great Egret20020206 120057 D1 Osprey Portrait20020223 151558 D1 Male American Wigeon20020322 152407 D1X Floating Ring-Billed Gull20020323 104019 D1X American Tree Sparrow on Wire20020323 104842 D1X Common Redpoll20020323 105247 D1X Female White-Winged Crossbill20020323 113150 D1X White-Breasted Nuthatch

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